Solar Conservion Kit

4.Solar Conservion Kit

What are Solar Conservion Kit?

Solaris Infra Intelligent Solar Conversion Kit – Solarcon can turn any ordinary inverter-battery setup into hybrid solar power system. You can make huge savings on your electricity bill while enjoying 24×7 power as the inverter charges the battery from solar as well as grid. Get ready to make extra solar savings and extra backup with Solarcon.

Solarcon charges the batteries in pure DC which is made by the solar panels so the charging is more efficient. Solarcon is equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation Technology and DT 6S – Six Stage Charging Technology. These features are excellent for the life and health of battery.
Increased Battery Life = More Savings

Solarcon lets you charge batteries from solar panels instead of mains. You can run your entire house on solar as Solarcon intelligently switches the mains off when batteries are fully charged through solar. You make savings on your electricity bill as you take NOTHING from the grid when Solarcon is on.

Solarcon is equipped to detect overload, short-circuit and reverse connection of PV solar panels or batteries. It automatically shuts itself down if it detects anything abnormal so that you and your connected appliances stay safe.
Solarcon is an intelligent solar charge controller. It ensures that current always flows from panels to batteries, and never in the opposite direction. When voltage of battery is higher than that of panels during nights, the current could flow from batteries to solar panels. This could damage solar panels. Solarcon prevents this from happening.
Solarcon's LCD display communicates what's happening in the system with messages such as solar on, battery backup on, charging voltage and units of electricity generated. Ordinary inverters are only dependent on grid supply for charging the batteries so if the grid supply is bad are power cuts are too much then ordinary inverters fail to give you backup. Whereas Sukam Solarcon charges batteries through solar panels and gives you backup during long hours of power-cuts.

Solaris Infra Solar Conversion Kit, Solarcon, has been approved by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
  • Solaris Infra Solar DC system is the most compact and energy-efficient solar power system. It has an in-built solar charge controller and comes with battery, fans, lights, TV, mobile charging port that run on DC. Get ready to save money and get 24 x7 power with Solar DC System.
  • MPPT Technology
  • Extracts Maximum Power
  • Solar & Grid Charging Options
  • DC load up to 120W
  • USB Port for Mobile Charging