Solar Battery

Solar Battery

How Does Solar Battery Work?

Solaris Infra state of the art solar batteries are designed for use with Su-KamĀ® solar systems are built to last longer and rugged enough to be used in any weather condition. Lead acid batteries are commonly used as an energy storage medium for solar battery banks. The energy or electron flow is the result of chemical reaction occurring within the battery between electrolyte and lead acid plates within the battery.

Off grid solar power systems require battery banks to reserve electricity for times of frequent power cuts. The amount of solar energy a battery can store and release when needed is limited to the batteries 'Capacity Rating'. Batteries are rated according to their voltage, ampere hours(AH) of storage and their ability to deliver the stored energy over a given period of time known as C rating i.e C5, C10, C20, C100. Deep cycle flooded lead acid batteries are commonly used for solar energy storage in stand-alone (independent) solar power systems. There are different types of deep cycle flooded lead acid batteries used for different applications. Solaris Infra solar batteries are specially designed for optimum performance, very long life, high reliability, low self-discharge and quick charging ability.

Homes located in remote areas without access to grid power often depend on off-grid renewable energy systems to satisfy their power requirements. For these solar, wind and hybrid powered systems energy storage plays a crucial role in providing uninterruptable power when sun does not shine or wind does not blow. Sukam's Solar batteries are designed at C/10 rating are engineered for long life requirements of off-grid/hybrid and DC based systems and residential systems. Homeowners can optimize their renewable energy systems and dramatically reduce operation costs when powering their homes in remote areas.

Solaris Infra solar batteries are designed at C/10 rating for deep discharge performance. It has the capacity to sustain partial state of discharge. The Ah efficiency of the battery is greater than 90%; efficiency is greater than equal to 75% and endurance test is qualified as per IS 13369:1992

Solaris Infra solar batteries are designed to operate on low coat and hence it's very pocket friendly.

Solaris Infra solar batteries need water topping twice a year due to the large electrolyte volume unlike other batteries which needs atleast 4 or more times.

  • Designed For deep cycle capabilities and longer service life
  • Greater protection against leakage and protection
  • Excellent charge acceptance
  • Capable of withstanding deep discharge and over charge.