Our Services


We design, build and operate ground based and rooftop photovoltaic power plants. We offer quality of design, components and installation.

PV-Diesel Hybrid Systems

For clients wishing to reduce diesel fuel consumption, we offer the solution to offset your diesel power with clean solar PV power. We will perform system load analysis and recommend the optimized system to save fuel and reduce carbon emissions.

O&M Services

Combined with our extensive experience in operation and maintenance of PV plants, we maximise uptime and ensure longevity of your investment. To ensure maximum yields, Solaris InfraSupport's remote monitoring service verifies system data and identifies any issues before they affect plant performance.


For clients wishing to have a solar PV system but requiring financing or technical expertise, we can provide project development assistance. With project development requiring a distinct set of skills we draw upon internal and external expertise to develop a solution customised to each situation.

Our guidelines for choosing top-quality products

Whether solar modules, inverters or complete assembly systems, the quality and reliability of all components are crucial to generating the best possible yield and return from your solar power plant. We always select the best quality products for your photovoltaic power plant in order to ensure the cost-effective and smooth operation of your plant for the next 25 years and even beyond. We complete our portfolio of in-house products with selected components by our market partners. Our partners are distinguished by many years of expertise, recognised certification, high quality standards and reliable availability. We are a pioneer in the solar sector and concentrate exclusively on photovoltaics. Day after day, we work on making solar power plants more efficient, more productive and more competitive. Our advantage is that, as system integrator, we are independent of technologies and manufacturers. Only in this way can we offer our customers better components at a more attractive price. To ensure that products are completely safe, we don't rely just on manufacturers' quality assurances. A Solaris InfraSupport team of engineers and technicians performs stress tests on all products. Random samples of products by all manufacturers are tested for reliability and performance.

We are your professional partner

  • With an extensive network of customers operating in different areas and sectors
  • As a market-leading system integrator with PV specialisation and module sales of more than 100 KW since our foundation.
  • As a competent general contractor with quicker-than-average construction times for large-scale plants compared with the sector as a whole.
  • With experienced teams specialising exclusively in large-scale projects - ready and waiting to help you in the individual Phoenix Solar countries.